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What are advantages of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine?

CanSino nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine entered Phase-2 clinical trials! What are advantages of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine?


What are advantages of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine?  What is the difference between an injection vaccine and nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine ? 

On June 02, Yu Xuefeng, Chairman and CEO of CanSino, said at a meeting in Qingdao that Cansino’s nasal spray/inhalation COVID-19 vaccine has now entered phase II clinical trials.

What are advantages of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine?

What are the advantages of the nasal spray vaccine?

In fact, in September last year, the world’s first nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine was approved to start clinical trials.

According to Chinanews.com, the nasal spray influenza virus vector COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by Xiamen University, Hong Kong University and Beijing Wantai Biotechnology has started clinical trials. The nasal spray influenza virus vector new coronavirus vaccine is to insert new coronavirus gene fragments into the influenza virus vector to make a live virus vector vaccine, thereby stimulating the human body to produce an immune response to the new coronavirus.

The general manager of Beijing Wantai Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that the advantages of nasal spray vaccine are: first, its immune barrier is to imitate viral infection; second, it is a live virus, which can constantly stimulate people to produce immune memory In addition, the harmless live vaccine prepared by the vaccine seeds can be operated in a nasal spray, which can simultaneously target the new coronavirus and influenza virus. The use method is the same as the ordinary nasal spray flu vaccine. If it needs to be reused in the future, it can be used with seasonal flu. Use with vaccines.

What is the difference between the nasal spray flu vaccine and the injection vaccine?

Is it immune to spraying potion in the nose? how did you do that?

At present, there is not much information about the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine, but from the difference between the nasal spray flu vaccine and the injectable flu vaccine, we can find that the two vaccines are still quite different.

1. Different ways of administration

Injectable influenza vaccine is injected intramuscularly through the deltoid muscle of the upper arm.

The nasal spray flu vaccine is vaccinated by nasal spray administration, that is, spraying 0.1 ml of liquid medicine into both nostrils to complete the vaccination. The non-invasive vaccination method through nasal spray is convenient and painless, and easier to be accepted, which helps to increase people’s willingness to inoculate, especially for children who have a high degree of resistance to injections.

2. The two components are different

Influenza vaccine inoculated by injection is an inactivated vaccine and contains inactivated virus components.

The nasal spray flu vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine that contains active ingredients. It can produce triple immune protection and can effectively prevent the influenza virus that exists on the nasal mucosa, intracellular and bodily fluids.

3. The nasal spray vaccine is suitable for a limited number of people

According to a 2020 US Food and Drug Administration’s regulation on the FluMist Quadrivalent quadrivalent nasal spray flu vaccine, this vaccine can be applied to healthy people aged 2-49.

However, within 2 years of age or over 49 years of age, pregnant women, patients with asthma, those who are allergic to any of its components, those with weakened or defective immune function due to drugs or diseases, children or adolescents who are taking aspirin or salicylic acid, and 2 before vaccination People who take anti-influenza virus drugs every day are not in the scope of this vaccine.

What are advantages of the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine?

4. The difference in side effects between the two

The two concerns of drugs are nothing more than effectiveness and safety. As a live attenuated vaccine, will FluMist cause more serious adverse reactions?

According to the information provided by the Hong Kong Department of Health, the nasal spray attenuated vaccine will not cause more serious adverse reactions than injections. Its most common side effects are: runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, and fever exceeding 37.8 degrees Celsius. But there are more contraindications to vaccination.

Finland also announced the development of a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine

According to Xinhua News Agency, previously, the University of Helsinki in Finland announced on March 8 that Finnish researchers have developed a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine and plan to start clinical trials within a few months.

According to reports, this nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine is an adenovirus vector vaccine developed based on a gene transfer technology. The researchers said that because the new coronavirus can be transmitted through the respiratory system, the vaccine is administered through the nasal cavity, which may cause a broader immune response in the human body than intramuscular injection.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland participated in the vaccine research and development work, and the research and development team established a company responsible for the promotion of this vaccine. It is reported that in the next few months, the company will conduct clinical trials of this vaccine in Finland.

The head of the research and development team and professor of molecular medicine at the University of Eastern Finland, Sepo Yula-Hertualla, told Xinhua News Agency that some countries have already indicated to researchers that they can provide financing to ensure that the vaccine can be used in advance.

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