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What symptoms does body has usually when breast cancer is developing?

What symptoms does body has usually when breast cancer is developing?



What symptoms does body has usually when breast cancer is developing?.  Before breast cancer develops, the body often has 4 symptoms. If one is found, it is necessary to seek medical examination as soon as possible.

According to the World Health Organization‘s global cancer statistics report for 2020, the number of new cancer patients worldwide reached 19.29 million in 2020, of which 10.06 million were men and 9.23 million were women.

Although the number of female cancer patients is less than that of males, there is a cancer that has a high incidence of women and has occupied the first place on the global cancer list. It is breast cancer!


Before, lung cancer has always been the cancer with the highest incidence in the world, but according to the data in 2020, the number of new breast cancer patients this year reached 2.26 million, and the number of lung cancer patients was 2.2 million, which means that breast cancer has replaced lung cancer. , Has become the world’s largest high-incidence malignant tumor, and it is also a malignant tumor that seriously threatens women’s health!

On the whole, breast cancer is considered to have a better prognostic effect among the cancer types. And the more early breast cancer is detected and actively treated, the better the prognosis will be. The patient’s survival rate within five years can even be as high as 90% or more!

What symptoms does body has usually when breast cancer is developing?



Therefore, female friends cannot ignore any physical abnormalities in their daily lives. If the following symptoms find you, beware of signs of breast cancer:


1. Breast lumps

Breast lumps are the most common and unavoidable symptoms of breast cancer. In clinical practice, nearly 90% of breast cancer patients have their first medical examination because they accidentally touched abnormal breast lumps. Under normal circumstances, lumps caused by breast cancer are mostly on the outside, and single lumps are more common.

In the early stage, the tumor growth is small, and sometimes it is indistinguishable from benign breast hyperplasia. As the patient’s condition gradually develops, the tumor will infiltrate and grow larger and larger, and the boundary with the surrounding is very unclear. Sometimes it can appear flat, its surface is not smooth, and it has nodules;


2. Pain symptoms

Affected by the high incidence of mammary gland physiological hyperplasia, many women actually do not care about breast pain, and only think that it is the result of hormone changes in their bodies. As everyone knows, breast pain can be found in a variety of breast diseases, breast cancer is one of them.

In postmenopausal women, breast pain and abnormal thickening of the glands may be a sign of the arrival of breast cancer. At the same time, after breast cancer induces inflammation, invades the nerve or lymph node system, symptoms of tenderness or tenderness may also appear;


3. Nipple discharge

This is also the most common symptom of breast cancer, but everyone should distinguish whether they are physiological or pathological nipple discharge. Under normal circumstances, only pregnant women and lactating women will have physiological nipple discharge.

And if you are not in pregnancy or breastfeeding, the nipple has abnormal fluid secretion, such as bloody discharge, pus overflow, serum-like discharge, etc. This may be a signal of the arrival of breast cancer, which is related to abnormal secretion of breast ducts ;


4. Abnormal breast surface

After the appearance of breast cancer, the surface of the patient’s breast may be changed. For example, due to skin adhesion caused by the breast, abnormal depressions may appear on the patient’s breast skin, which looks like dimples.

At the same time, patients may also be accompanied by symptoms such as skin redness, skin edema, and varicose veins on the breast surface. After the development of breast cancer affects the nipple, the patient will also have symptoms such as flat nipple, abnormal nipple retraction or depression, and erosion.


If the above four symptoms suddenly appear in the near future, it is likely to be a signal that breast cancer has arrived. Women need to be vigilant and actively seek medical care for screening.

In addition, we also need to remind everyone that breast cancer screening technology is very mature nowadays. For women with a family history of breast cancer, no history of childbirth or breastfeeding, and other high-risk breast cancer women, even if they do not have any symptoms, regular breast cancer screening Cancer screening is also necessary.


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