July 23, 2024

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New COVID-19 variant: ETA appeared in at least 82 countries and regions

New COVID-19 variant: ETA appeared in at least 82 countries and regions

New COVID-19 variant: ETA appeared in at least 82 countries and regions. 

According to the latest report from the Kazakhstan Satellite Network, a variant strain of the COVID-19 virus “ETA” has recently appeared in 4 regions in Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan stated that the mutant strain may be highly contagious, and the infected person will have symptoms such as high fever, cough, and loss of smell and taste.

According to the Stanford University Coronavirus Antiviral and Drug Resistance Database, as of the end of August, the “ETA” virus has appeared in 81 countries/regions around the world.

In addition to the cases in Kazakhstan this time, at least 82 countries/regions around the world have been affected by the “ETA” strain.

According to the classification used by researchers around the world to track the spread of the virus, the “ETA” strain (B.1.525) is most commonly found in Canada (20%), the United States (16%), Germany (10%), and France (9%) And Denmark (8%).

According to a report issued by the World Health Organization on September 15, Nigeria and the United Kingdom first discovered the mutant virus in December last year. Array. Also in the secondary phalanx of dangerous levels are “Miao” (B.1.621), “Kappa” (B.1.617.1), “Lambda” (B. and other strains.

Since the epidemic of the new coronavirus, multiple mutant strains of the new coronavirus have emerged. Including

  • “Alpha” (B.1.1.7) first discovered in the UK,
  • “Beta” (B.1.351) discovered in South Africa,
  • “Gamma” (P.1) discovered in Japan and Brazil,
  • discovered in India “Delta” (B.1.617),

these strains are listed as “variants of concern” by the World Health Organization, and they are a type of new coronavirus mutation with a higher risk level.

However, health experts also mentioned: The mutation of the COVID-19 virus has not undergone fundamental mutations so far, and current vaccines are effective on the prevention of severe illness and death.

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