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Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Why has it been repeatedly emphasized that cancer patients should reduce their consumption of refined foods, and the recommendation of coarse grains suitable for cancer patients. 

Nutritionists have repeatedly emphasized: Avoid refined food as much as possible as the staple food of cancer patients. Why is this?

First of all, we need to understand how the metabolism of carbon dust in cancer patients changes.
Abnormal metabolism of sugar and water compounds in cancer patients is mainly manifested as decreased oxidation and utilization of glucose, increased glucose conversion, and relatively insufficient insulin secretion.

Tumor cells ingest a large amount of grapes and produce lactic acid under aerobic conditions. As early as the 1920s, the famous biochemist Warburg discovered that tumor cells ingest a large amount of glucose and produce lactic acid under aerobic conditions, so this phenomenon It is called the [Warburg effect].

Most normal tissues obtain energy through the aerobic decomposition of sugar when there is oxygen, and anaerobic glycolysis can only be done when hypoxia.

Tumor tissues are different: even under aerobic conditions, energy is mainly obtained by anaerobic glycolysis, and up to 50% of ATP in tumor cells comes from the glycolytic pathway. Glucose only produces 2 molecules of ATP and 2 molecules of lactic acid in tumor cells.

When lactic acid regenerates 1 molecule of glucose in the liver, 6 molecules of ATP are needed. Each cycle therefore has the loss of 4 high-energy phosphate bonds.

Therefore, it is confirmed that the increased amount of glucose conversion is directly affected by tumor stage and tissue type. And like the refined rice noodles we usually eat, due to the low dietary fiber, the glucose absorption and conversion speed is too fast, basically all eaten into the body is provided for the absorption and utilization of cancer cells, but it will promote the acceleration of reproduction.

Therefore, the carbohydrate intake of cancer patients must be based on whole grains, and the following appropriate whole grains are recommended:

① Quinoa

Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Quinoa has the title of nutrient gold, because its protein content is particularly high, almost as high as 20%, and it is rich in lysine, which is lacking in all foods. The nutritional value is similar to the amino acid ratio of beef.

Not only that, the quinoa dietary fiber content is also very high. The glycemic index is only 35, which can alleviate glycolysis very well. In addition, quinoa is fortunately rich in minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, which are higher than other foods. It is a very good staple food choice for cancer patients.

Quinoa can be eaten in many ways:

Cook rice and porridge directly.

Quinoa is easy to cook due to its small particles (similar to sorghum rice), so it can be mixed with rice for cooking, or for cooking porridge with other grains (the ratio can be adjusted according to your preference).

Make a salad.

Quinoa can be steamed in water first, then served with chicken breast, shrimp, vegetables, etc. with sauce and mix well. The combination of meat and vegetables is especially suitable for dinner.


Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Buckwheat is not only dietary fiber up to more than 6%, but also rich in minerals, especially zinc, which is rare in plants. Buckwheat is rich in content.

In addition, buckwheat has lutin, polysaccharides, vitamin E and other active substances. It can effectively promote anti-oxidation and balance insulin levels, thereby reducing grape glycolysis and improving blood lipid metabolism.

③Highland barley

Highland barley is a unique high-quality staple food produced in plateau areas. Because it contains a unique β-glucan, it can well regulate blood sugar levels. At the same time, because of its rich dietary fiber content, it also promotes intestinal peristalsis, helps defecation and promotes intestinal probiotics. The role of bacteria reproduction is a good choice for cancer patients.

Highland barley is easy to eat. It is easy to cook and can be mixed directly for cooking. Or boil soup with red bean milk, or add it to yogurt as a small match to increase the taste.

④Black rice

Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

Black rice is because of its high anthocyanin content. Therefore, it can nourish the kidney and nourish hair. For cancer patients, anthocyanins have a good antioxidant effect. It can well reduce the oxidation rate in the body and enhance the anti-cancer strength.

However, because black rice is relatively rough and not easy to cook, it is recommended to soak it in advance! Then steam and cook.

Or if you have a soymilk machine at home, it is recommended to use black rice to mix beans, nuts, etc. to make soymilk (especially suitable for people with poor digestion).

The above 4 kinds of staple foods are what health experts recommend. If you are a person who is just starting to try coarse grains, you can mix a higher proportion of rice, first form a habit. When eating coarse grains, pay attention to chewing and swallowing slowly, so that saliva can fully decompose. And in the process, you gradually realize the sweetness of these coarse grains, and you like to eat more and more.

Why should cancer patients reduce their consumption of refined foods?

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