March 1, 2024

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Delta mutates again: A highly infectious new variant discovered in US

Delta mutates again: A highly infectious new variant discovered in US


Delta mutates again: A highly infectious new variant discovered in US. Will Fauci’s prediction come true?

Humans have been fighting against the new coronavirus for more than a year. Although many countries have started vaccination work, they have still not been able to completely eliminate the virus.

Moreover, the mutant strain of Delta discovered in India has exacerbated the deterioration of the global epidemic and swept the world. Unexpectedly, this terrible virus has mutated again in the United States, and the new variant is more infectious. This is definitely not good news for the United States.


According to the US media “New York Post”, the discovered new variant has infected many people in the UK and is being closely monitored by the UK. British health officials said that this new variant is more infectious than Delta. The height of the strain is 10% to 15%.

Rochelle Valensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also said at a press conference that the United States has also discovered this new variant. However, it is not currently related to any surge in US cases or clusters of confirmed cases.


In fact, people have become accustomed to the mutation of the new coronavirus, but the key point is whether the mutated new coronavirus will affect the effectiveness of the new coronavirus vaccine or treatment, and whether it will increase the pathogenicity and infection rate.

Valensky said that it is not yet certain whether the vaccine is effective against this newly discovered variant, but the United States will continue to investigate this variant strain. She also explained that the main problem facing the United States is the Delta strain, and that 99.7% of the country’s cases are caused by Delta.


US CDC officials revealed that the new variant discovered this time is actually “very rare” in the United States . At present, only “less than 10” confirmed patients have been found, but it has not been confirmed which state in the United States has discovered this new variant virus.


I don’t know where the new variant virus was found or whether it will affect the vaccine. Former Director of the US Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, called on social platforms to find out this new virus as soon as possible. Whether the variant is more infectious or partly immune to escape.


At present, 6% of the COVID-19 cases in the UK are related to this new variant, and British experts believe that this new variant does not seem to be a major variant, and may not change the current epidemic situation. But if the new variant is more infectious than Delta, it may only be a matter of time before the impact.


You know, there are still about 66 million people in the United States who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser of the White House, pointed out that the unvaccinated American people will pose a serious threat to the country’s fight against the epidemic and may lead to the fifth wave of epidemic peaks. With the advent of winter, the COVID-19 virus is likely to make a comeback.


According to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, on October 20, there were 94,000 new confirmed cases and 3,220 new deaths in the United States. The situation is still not optimistic, regardless of whether the new variant will cause it. Threat, it seems that Fauci’s prediction is about to come true, and the fifth wave of epidemic peak is coming.


Even if the new variant has not yet swept the United States, the delta variant alone is enough to trigger the fifth round of the epidemic in the United States. Although the Biden administration has introduced a policy of compulsory vaccination, it has little effect. Many states and companies in the United States have begun to implement mandatory vaccination tasks for the COVID-19 vaccine, but many workers would rather quit their jobs than get vaccinated. This situation is even more serious in the medical industry. Many medical staff choose to voluntarily resign because they resist vaccination. This has made the already lacking American hospitals worse.


Obviously, Biden’s mandatory vaccination policy will not solve the problem at all. On the contrary, it will intensify people’s resistance to vaccination, especially after the discovery of new variants, these people who have not been vaccinated will be in a rather dangerous situation. But even so, Americans are still reluctant to get vaccinated.

They are still willing to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine is a “scam”, coupled with the “vaccine rumors” flooding around, making the anti-vaccination group larger and larger.


And in early November, the United States plans to open its doors to allow travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 to enter, but it may not be a good thing to see the United States now. On the one hand, the current epidemic situation in the United States is not optimistic.

On the other hand, hospitals in the United States are very congested. It is difficult to see a doctor even if you are sick in the United States. As the most technologically advanced country in the world, it has performed so badly in dealing with the COVID-19 virus, and the glamorous filter is ugly and corrupted.




Delta mutates again: A highly infectious new variant discovered in US

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