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100K “COVID-19 Orphans”: President will be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity” ?

B100K “COVID-19 Orphans”: President will be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity” ?


100K “COVID-19 Orphans”: President will be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity” ?

Brazil has the tragedy of more than 100,000 “COVID-19 orphans”, and the president is recommended to prosecute for “crimes against humanity”.

According to a report on the Spanish “Le Monde”  on November 27, due to people’s active support for the vaccination campaign, Brazil’s COVID-19 epidemic has gradually subsided.

In the past few days, many states have not recorded new deaths, but the country still has a long way to go to heal the wounds of 610,000 lives lost. Behind the numbers are the stories of countless families, some of which are tragedies related to the “COVID-19 orphans”.


In Brazil, it is difficult to accurately count the number of these orphans. Giovana Gomez Mendes is one of them. She lost her father and mother in 14 days. At the age of 19, she had to take care of her 11-year-old sister.


“It’s too difficult, especially for emotional reasons. When I lost my mother, I thought I had to get through with my father and sister, and then I lost my father. I seemed to have lost everything in an instant, my entire world. They all collapsed. Facing this kind of loss is very painful, the longer I miss them, the more I miss them.” Giovana said in an interview with our newspaper.


According to reports, her suffering is the suffering of thousands of minors in Brazil.

A study by Imperial College London estimates that about 5 million minors under the age of 18 have lost their fathers, mothers, or the grandparents who raised them in the epidemic.

In Brazil, the figure as of mid-October is a total of 168,500 helpless children and adolescents. This is only an estimate, and the actual impact may be even greater.

In October of this year, as a victim of the COVID-19 epidemic, Giovana went to the Senate with other people who lost their loved ones during the epidemic to mourn the nationals who died of the COVID-19 with members of the law.

At the same time, the work of the Senate’s committee responsible for investigating the government’s response to the pandemic has also ended symbolically.

This Senate committee submitted an investigation report to the Federal Attorney General’s Office, recommending criminal prosecutions against President Bolsonaro on nine counts including “crimes against humanity.”


The report also said that Giovana and her sister are currently living with her grandparents and she hopes to continue her studies in dentistry. To this end, she initiated crowdfunding on the Internet while waiting for social assistance.


The report pointed out that the issue of “COVID-19 orphans” has entered the field of public policy in Brazil, at least in some states.

The northeastern region of Brazil has launched a program to provide 500 reais (approximately US$89) a month to orphans under 21 years of age.

Currently, Bolsonaro’s government has no plans to implement a similar plan at the national level, so many young people will be excluded.









100K “COVID-19 Orphans”: President will be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity” ?

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