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Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests

Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests



Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests. 


According to the latest news, renowned biologist David Sabatini has announced that he is withdrawing from consideration for a position offered by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine .


In a statement, David Sabatini said: “Falsified, distorted and ridiculous allegations against me in the media and on social media have intensified following reports last week that NYU Langone Health is considering hiring me. I understand the enormous pressure this puts on NYU Langone Health, and I don’t want to distract from its important mission.

Therefore, I decided not to consider a teaching position there. I have great respect for the mission of NYU Langone Health and thank them for taking the time to get the facts and support me personally. I firmly believe that the truth will eventually come out and I will eventually be proven correct and able to return to research.


Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests


Robert Grossman, dean of the NYU Grossman School of Medicine , said in a mass email to faculty, staff and students that after careful and thorough consideration, David Sabatini and NYU Grossman School of Medicine have jointly made the decision that David Sabatini will not Join medical school. (NYU Grossman School of Medicine is part of NYU Langone Health)


Last week, New York University was mired in controversy and turmoil over its plans to hire prominent biologist David Sabatini . David Sabatini, who rose to prominence at a young age with mTOR research, was fired last summer from his faculty at MIT’s Whitehead Institute over allegations of sexual harassment .


NYU Grossman School of Medicine disagrees with the sexual harassment allegations and findings against David Sabatini and has decided to hire David Sabatini .


But the appointment was resisted by multiple parties, including the president of New York University, Andrew Hamilton , who strongly opposed it, but the medical school decided to form its own right to hire.


Hundreds of NYU students, staff, and postdocs gathered in protest across the street from NYU Langone Health Medical Center on Wednesday. Holding signs “Say no to Sabatini” and “Protect the trainees”, they chanted that they wanted to be safe now.


Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests


In addition, a joint letter of protest to Robert Grossman, Dean of the NYU Grossman School of Medicine , is underway, and as of Friday, there are more than 600 medical school alumni, 108 current faculty and staff, and more than 360 surgeons, students Signed to protest against the hiring of David Sabatini .

However, there are also many voices of support. Former and current members of David Sabatini’s lab have signed in support of his appointment. A former member of his lab said that David Sabatini was an outstanding and inspiring mentor, I received active and professional training in the laboratory.



Accused of sexual harassment

On August 21, 2021, the Whitehead Institute at MIT issued a statement announcing that David Sabatini no longer has any relationship with the Institute. David Sabatini was previously investigated by the Whitehead Institute over allegations of sexual harassment.


David Sabatini, a world-renowned medical and biologist who pioneered the study of mTOR , the target of rapamycin , has caused an uproar over allegations of sexual harassment. With the Institute’s investigation concluded and David Sabatini’s forced resignation, the matter had been settled.

But in October 2021, David Sabatini sued the accusers of sexual harassment and Ruth Lehmann, director of the Whitehead Institute at MIT, claiming in court documents that he was the victim of a false accusation of sexual harassment. was charged with retaliation. And this false accusation destroyed his professional and personal reputation and ended his distinguished scientific career.




Claiming to have been charged with retaliation

Details of the sexual harassment allegations against David Sabatini have not been released, but court documents show that David Sabatini and the female peer have had a ” consensual sexual relationship ” since April 2018. They met in 2012, when the woman took David Sabatini’s course at MIT.

In July 2019, the two ended their extramarital affair. Since then, until the beginning of 2020, David Sabatini made it clear to the other party that he ” doesn’t want to establish a long-term relationship with each other “. After that, the other party continued to try to interact with him, but was rejected by David Sabatini, so The other side fabricated allegations of sexual harassment.


In other words, David Sabatini said that he and the other party had an extramarital affair . After he asked to end the extramarital affair, the other party could not get back together, and instead reported himself for sexual harassment.


David Sabatini also sued the director of the Whitehead Institute because he believed he had been unfairly investigated by the institute. In March 2021, he was investigated by the Whitehead Institute, but he stated that investigators had been trying to guide laboratory members about David Sabatini’s unpleasant information during the investigation, and the laboratory members who participated in the inquiries stated that the investigators existed.

Prejudice, refusal to listen to the truth. David Sabatini also said investigators did not allow lawyers to be present when they questioned themselves.


The investigation resulted in a 229-page investigative report that did not draw substantive conclusions, namely that it did not determine whether David Sabatini was sexually harassed or consensual, nor did it confirm academic misconduct (he has previously been accused of Several research papers are suspected of multiple use of one image, etc.) , the investigation report was submitted to the Whitehead Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on August 13, and David Sabatini was forced to resign seven days later.

Note: The above content refers to the documents submitted by David Sabatini to the court and does not represent the views of this official account.




Young and famous genius scientist


David Sabatini was born in New York, USA in 1968. He graduated from Brown University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1997. He became famous at a young age by virtue of mTOR research during the doctoral stage. The road to scientific research can be said to be Smooth sailing.

After graduating from his Ph.D., he joined the Whitehead Institute of MIT, and became an assistant professor in 2002, tenured in 2006, selected as a HHMI researcher in 2008, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2016 (at the age of 48) .


At present, David Sabatini has published more than 170 papers in total, including more than 70 papers in the main journals of Cell , Nature , and Science . These papers have a total of more than 130,000 citations and an H-index of 140.


David Sabatini’s research results are not only at the academic level, because the mTOR signaling pathway is related to cell growth regulation and nutrient metabolism, and is therefore closely related to cancer, metabolic diseases, and aging.

His research results promote the development of these disease research fields . He also co-founded three biotech companies, Navitor Pharmaceuticals, Raze Therapeutics and KSQ Therapeutics.





The Me Too movement takes the scientific world by storm


For a long time, the academic world has been dominated by male researchers, and the proportion of male leaders, professors, and researchers in scientific research institutions is far greater than that of females.

In recent years, the Me Too movement that emerged from Hollywood has swept the American academic circles, and many star scientists have been accused of sexual harassment.


In June of this year, the National Academy of Sciences expelled two academicians, astronomer Geoffrey Marcy and evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala , both for alleged sexual harassment.

This is also the first time that the National Academy of Sciences has been removed from its membership since its founding in 1863. In addition, Sergio Verdu (who has been expelled from Princeton University) , Inder Verma (who has resigned from the Salk Institute) and other members of the National Academy of Sciences have been accused of sexual harassment.













Famed biologist David Sabatini quits NYU amid protests

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