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Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under Development

Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under Development


Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under Development.


Monkeypox virus belongs to the genus Orthopoxvirus, the same genus of viruses as the variola virus that causes smallpox.

Because of the similarity of the two viruses, the smallpox vaccine is cross-protected against monkeypox .

Studies have shown that the smallpox vaccine is at least 85% effective in preventing monkeypox.

So far, there are two approved smallpox vaccines in the United States, developed by Acambis and Bavarian Nordic.


Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under Development


Among them, the smallpox vaccine Jynneos developed by Bavarian Nordic was approved by the US FDA in 2018 for the prevention of smallpox  and monkeypox  infection in high-risk adults over 18 years old.

This is the only non-replicating smallpox vaccine approved by the FDA and the only monkeypox vaccine approved in the world.


In addition, there is also an oral drug Tecovirimat for monkeypox virus approved, which is a broad-spectrum envelope protein inhibitor developed by Siga Technologies, showing good resistance to all orthopoxviruses Viral activity, including smallpox virus, monkeypox virus, etc.


 In 2010, Tecovirimat was granted orphan drug designation by the FDA for the treatment of poxvirus infection, and was approved for marketing in 2018 for the treatment of smallpox in adults and children weighing at least 13kg under the trade name Tpoxx. 

In January 2022, the EMA approved Tecovirimat for the treatment of smallpox, monkeypox, and cowpox.




Moderna responds quickly to deploy the development of mRNA vaccine

At the same time, Moderna , the world’s leading mRNA vaccine research and development company, announced that it will use its mRNA vaccine research and development platform to develop monkeypox mRNA vaccines.


At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. In early January 2020, Chinese scholars took the lead in sequencing and publishing the first new coronavirus genome sequence.

After the sequence was announced, Moderna started the research and development of new coronavirus mRNA the next day, developed a candidate mRNA vaccine in only 42 days, and completed the phase 3 clinical trial by the end of 2020, obtaining FDA emergency use authorization.

This has also allowed the world to witness the speed, flexibility and effectiveness of mRNA platforms.


Moderna and AbCellera develop mRNA-encoded antibody therapy together


Since then, Moderna company Stéphane Bancel said that Moderna has invested heavily in digitization, robotics and machine learning, and the next outbreak of a new outbreak can halve the time to develop a new vaccine to just 20 days.


Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under DevelopmentStéphane Bancel




Monkeypox vaccines: Marketed and Under Development

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