June 14, 2024

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ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales

ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales

ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales.

This year witnesses the highest surge in Covid-related deaths, with a 57% increase in fatalities attributed to the virus within a week, prompting experts to call for the return of mask-wearing.

Data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that 74 Covid deaths were registered in England and Wales. This represents a 57% increase compared to the 47 deaths recorded in the previous seven days.

Official data shows that more than 70 Covid-related deaths were recorded in England and Wales in the week ending August 11th, marking the largest spike in virus-related deaths this year.

Scientists warn that this increase in fatalities could indicate the spread of a new variant. They are also urging the reinstatement of pandemic mitigation measures, including mask-wearing and improved ventilation.

While this weekly increase in deaths is the largest this year, the number of deaths attributed to the virus remains a small fraction of what it was earlier this year. In January, weekly deaths from the virus reached a peak of 654.


ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales



These ONS statistics only include deaths where Covid was the primary cause. In the past week, there were 108 deaths involving the virus, compared to 68 in the previous week, a 58.8% increase. However, this figure includes deaths where Covid or suspected Covid is mentioned on the death certificate, sometimes in combination with other health conditions.

Considering the lag time between infection and severe illness, Covid death trends typically lag behind infection levels by around two weeks.

Professor Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick, warns that the increase in Covid-related deaths could be an early warning sign of a new variant potentially spreading. He states, “The slight uptick in Covid-related deaths is concerning. This could be an early warning sign that a new variant of the virus may be circulating.”

Paul Hunter, a respected infectious disease expert at the University of East Anglia, notes that the increase in reported deaths is unfortunate but not unexpected, especially following the rise in infections and hospitalizations since early July.

He emphasizes that deaths often occur around three to four weeks after infection, and it’s unclear whether people are more likely to die after infection now compared to before, as we no longer have a clear picture of the actual infection levels in the community.

Hunter concludes that “we may see reported deaths continue to rise over the next few weeks.”

Testing levels in the UK have remained stable over the past few months, even though mass community testing ended in May 2022. Officials have continued to monitor virus spread, and last week, approximately 5,000 lateral flow test results and 2,700 PCR readings were uploaded daily.

The arrival of the Pirola variant coincides with concerns about another variant known as EG.5.1, which has accounted for a quarter of new cases.

Experts warn that the true scale of Pirola’s spread is unclear due to reduced global variant tracking capabilities, making it difficult to detect new outbreaks early. However, it’s important to note that there is currently no evidence suggesting that Pirola is more dangerous than previous strains.


ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales


Recent government statistics show a nearly doubling of Covid cases in England over the past month, with 875 cases reported on August 11th, compared to 449 cases a month earlier. The seven-day rolling average also increased from 373 on July 8th to 879 on August 8th.


ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales


The rise in cases raises concerns about increased staff absenteeism and hospital pressure, even though only a small fraction of these patients are primarily suffering from Covid. This highlights how vaccines have changed the dynamics of the pandemic.

In conclusion, as we head into the autumn and winter seasons, vigilance regarding Covid infections is crucial. Public awareness of the ongoing risk, particularly for vulnerable populations, should be heightened, and vaccination campaigns should be expanded to those under 65.

Continued measures like mask-wearing and improved ventilation may also be necessary in the coming months. While the recent increase in Covid-related deaths is concerning, further monitoring is needed to understand the situation fully.




ONS: 74 COVID-19 deaths registered in England and Wales

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