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COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported

Government loses lawsuit! COVID-19 vaccines linked to 13 serious side effects, damaging heart and nerves! Bodies ruined after vaccination, awarded permanent compensation.

The aftermath of COVID-19 vaccines is further unveiled!

Associated with rare heart diseases, can also lead to brain and blood disorders!

Latest Australian COVID-19 vaccine study: Linked to multiple rare diseases

Since the beginning of COVID-19 vaccine rollout, various side effects have been reported. Many Australians have been affected.

Just recently, a joint study by Australian and New Zealand researchers confirmed:

Vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca are significantly associated with increased risks of several diseases, including rare heart, brain, and blood disorders, as well as a neurological condition that makes it difficult for people to walk or think.

This study included almost all COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia, including those from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported

Image source: daily telegraph

These vaccines have been found to increase the incidence of neurological, blood, and heart-related diseases.

This largest global study, led by the University of Auckland with collaboration from researchers in Melbourne, comprehensively analyzed 99 million vaccine recipients in 8 countries.

This is also the largest global study of its kind!

According to statistics, approximately 13 diseases have been contracted after vaccination.


out of 99,068,901vaccinated individuals

  1. Swelling of brain and spinalcord(Moderna,1st dose)
  2. Blood clots (AstraZeneca)
  3. Guillain-Barre syndrome(AstraZeneca,1st dose)
  4. Myocarditis (Pñzer, 1st dose)
  5. Myocarditis (Moderna, 1stdose)
  6. Pericarditis (Moderna, 1stdose)
  7. Myocarditis (Pñzer, 2nd dose)
  8. Myocarditis (Moderna, 2nddose)
  9. Pericarditis (AstraZeneca, 3rddose)
  10. Myocarditis (P£zer, 3rd dose)
  11. Pericarditis (Moderna, 4thdose)
  12. Myocarditis (Moderna, 3rddose)

SOURCE: The Global COVID Vaccine Safety (GCoVS] Project

Dr. Harlan Krumholz, director of the Results Study and Evaluation Center at Yale New Haven Hospital and lead researcher of the study, also stated, “Vaccines can save millions of lives, but may have adverse effects on a small proportion of people.”

It is estimated that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented over 19 million deaths globally, with 3 million in the United States alone.

However, this study, published in the journal “Vaccine,” also found that among those who received three doses of Pfizer and Moderna, some developed rare myocarditis.

A statement from the University of Auckland said that those who received a third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine had a 6.9 times higher risk of developing myocarditis!

The first and fourth doses of the Moderna vaccine increased the risk of myocarditis by 1.7 times and the risk of pericarditis by 2.6 times.

Myocarditis is most common in young males. It is believed to be related to the immune response triggered by the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, which work by instructing cells to produce proteins similar to those of the coronavirus.

This prompts the immune system to produce antibodies against the spike protein, providing protection against the novel coronavirus. In rare cases, this immune response may lead to inflammation of the heart muscle.

Usually, myocarditis is relatively mild, but it has also resulted in 28 deaths.

In addition, the number of cases of pericarditis after the first and fourth doses of the Moderna vaccine increased by 1.7 to 2.6 times. Pericarditis is an inflammation of the protective sac around the heart.

They studied the injection of over 39 million doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Just as with the link between myocarditis and vaccines, the connection with pericarditis is still under investigation. It is believed to be caused by the same mechanism, an overly active immune response attacking the thin membranous sac.

Australian man’s life ruined after vaccine, sues and receives compensation from state government

Daniel Shepherd, a man living in Adelaide, Australia, developed pericarditis after receiving the vaccine, which has troubled him for two years and has affected his normal life!

Daniel Shepherd, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, is a government child protection worker. According to a vaccination requirement introduced during the pandemic, he had to be vaccinated to work normally.

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported

Image source: 9 News

However, what he did not expect was that this requirement would directly ruin his normal life.

It is reported that after receiving three doses of the vaccine, Shepherd developed rare side effects. He had heart problems and developed pericarditis.

In his middle age, he said he felt like he now had the heart of a 90-year-old.

He said that he felt uncomfortable before receiving the first two doses of the vaccine. However, due to the government’s mandatory requirement, he still chose to receive the third injection.

But it was this shot that caused the trouble…

The day after receiving the booster shot, he was urgently taken to the hospital due to feeling unwell.

Recalling the feeling at the time, Shepherd said it felt like someone was pressing their knee on his chest. And even today, the discomfort in his heart has not disappeared.

“Even today, if I exert myself a little, I feel chest pain, and then I feel tired, as if I am seriously fatigued.”

The discomfort in his heart also makes it difficult for him to keep up with his 5-year-old child.

“I have to tell my child, ‘I’m sorry, buddy, dad is tired,’ which is really heartbreaking.”

Originally vaccinated for work, but after experiencing vaccine side effects, he cannot even work normally.

So, Shepherd sought workers’ compensation from the government.

Finally, in mid-January of this year, a ruling was made, and the South Australian Employment Court agreed to pay Shepherd weekly compensation and medical expenses.

This can be said to be a landmark ruling.

In his case, doctors unanimously believe that the vaccine is the cause of his condition. But the government believes that the emergency directive supersedes the laws regarding workers’ compensation.

Pericarditis should disappear within a few months, but Shepherd’s symptoms have been bothering him for nearly two years.

However, while Shepherd’s symptoms are rare, they are not isolated cases. Data shows that for every 100,000 people, two are affected by this condition after vaccination.

In addition to myocarditis and pericarditis, this large-scale study also found associations between the vaccine and other diseases…

Rare neurological disorders may also be related to vaccination

For example, the AstraZeneca vaccine, in addition to the risk of myocarditis, may also increase the risk of people developing brain blood clots.

Furthermore, AstraZeneca vaccine recipients are 2.5 times more likely to develop Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder where the immune system attacks the body’s peripheral nerves, damaging the protective coating around nerve cells.

The report states that out of 23 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered globally, they expected 76 cases of GBS, but observed 190 cases.

While it cannot be proven that the vaccine caused these events, there is some evidence to suggest that the vaccine may trigger an immune attack on the body’s own nerves.

After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, some people have also developed acute transverse myelitis, a more terrifying rare disease.

Researchers also found cases of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), inflammation and swelling of the brain and spinal cord, after receiving virus vector and mRNA vaccines.

The 13 diseases studied are serious health issues that deserve special attention, and the study has not even accounted for less severe side effects.

This study further informs people of the potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines, and while the side effects are not widespread, no one is sure if they will be affected.

This assessment can also help better evaluate the safety and efficacy of vaccines in the future, in order to address vaccine issues more quickly, effectively, and cost-effectively.

In conclusion, everyone is aware of the aftermath of COVID-19 vaccines, but no one expected the aftermath to be far more serious than imagined, especially with several rare diseases that could seriously harm human health!

The issues with COVID-19 vaccines are unavoidable, and if new vaccines emerge in the future, more rigorous testing may be needed to avoid similar situations!

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to 13 Serious Side Effects: Heart Brain and Nerve Damage Reported



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