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New Combined therapy can reduce First or New Brain Metastases by 30%

New Combined therapy can reduce First or New Brain Metastases by 30%


New Combined therapy can reduce First or New Brain Metastases by 30%.  SNO2020 | Combined application of VEGF inhibitors or immune checkpoint blockers may reduce the occurrence of new brain metastases in cancer by 30%.


New Combined therapy can reduce First or New Brain Metastases by 30%
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In a press release reported by PracticeUpdate on November 25, 2020, “Bevacizumab + Chemotherapy or Immune Checkpoint Inhibition ± Chemotherapy Can Reduce First or New Brain Metastases by 30%” mentioned that the Pennsylvania State Hershey Cancer Institute (the Penn State Cancer Institute) Institute, Hershey) Dr. Seyed Alireza Mansouri and his team members jointly conducted a meta-analysis on how to prevent brain metastasis from cancer, and announced their research results and future further research at the 2020 Neuro-Oncology Conference (SNO) meeting direction.

The team reviewed, summarized and analyzed this type of literature from 2000 to 2020, aiming to explore the effects of two possible treatments that may prevent new brain metastases in advanced cancers: one is combined with chemotherapy. The vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibitor bevacizumab, and the second is a combination of immune checkpoint blockers on the basis of stereotactic radiotherapy. For the above two treatments, the research team further screened the retrieved literature and finally found 14 relevant studies.

Seven of them included studies on breast, lung, and colon cancer in 6212 patients, comparing the incidence of brain metastasis when chemotherapy was combined with or without bevacizumab; the other seven included a total of 609 patients In the study of melanoma, the incidence of brain metastasis was compared with stereotactic radiotherapy with or without immune checkpoint blockers.

The final results of the study suggest that the combination of bevacizumab or immune checkpoint blockers based on the original chemotherapy or radiotherapy can reduce the occurrence of advanced tumor brain metastasis by 30%.

Dr. Mansouri said in an interview that the team is considering a randomized blinded clinical trial to compare the occurrence of brain metastases in patients receiving and not receiving VEGF inhibitors and immune checkpoint blockers. First, the team will consider conducting a phase II/III clinical trial to determine the feasibility of the treatment plan and the patient’s tolerability. If the situation is optimistic, it will further carry out I


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