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There are 5 signs before cerebral infarction!

There are 5 signs before cerebral infarction!


There are 5 signs before cerebral infarction!  There are 5 signs before cerebral infarction! Don’t wait for the blood vessels to be “scrapped” to find out, look at the 4 types of people!

There are 5 signs before cerebral infarction!

As we all know, blood vessels are an important part of the human body. They have the function of transporting blood and oxygen. Under normal conditions, the body organs can obtain nutritional support. However, if the blood vessels are damaged, it is not only prone to hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. Problems such as sclerosis can also lead to cerebral infarction in severe cases.

Therefore, in order to avoid this disease, the following four types of people must know the five signs before the onset of cerebral infarction.


The following people are susceptible to cerebral infarction

1. The elderly

Related survey results show that with the increase of age, the chance of suffering from cerebral infarction is also higher, because the physical function of the elderly gradually declines, the blood circulation speed is slow, and the problem of vascular sclerosis is more likely to occur.

2. Obese people

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are obese. Although eating is a blessing, obesity is more likely to suffer from cerebral infarction than ordinary people. This is because obese people have more lipids in the blood. Coupled with thick blood, it is not only easy to suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood lipids, but it can even induce cerebral infarction.

3. Diabetes

Everyone knows that the appearance of sugar and urine disease is the increase of blood glucose level in the body. At this time, blood viscosity will also increase. If you do not pay attention to blood sugar control, it will first cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which will increase the risk of cerebral infarction. .

4. People who smoke and drink

Smoking and drinking are important factors that induce cancer and vascular diseases, because the nicotine and alcohol in tobacco are irritating. After entering the human body, they will not only damage blood vessels, but also cause lipids to be deposited in the blood vessel walls, resulting in increased blood pressure and blood lipids. The situation provides conditions for the occurrence of cerebral infarction.


Signs before cerebral infarction

1. Inexplicable headache

If you experience dizziness and headache when you are not impacted by an external force, you must pay attention to it, because the blood pressure rises before the cerebral infarction, which makes the headache symptoms more obvious.

2. Blurred vision

Clinical investigations have shown that most people suffering from cerebral infarction have experienced visual impairment. The main manifestation is that the eyes are dark. Most people can return to normal after a few seconds, but some people may last for a few minutes or even longer. Over time, one factor for this phenomenon is that the cerebrovascular is blocked and oppresses the optic nerve.

3. Hard tongue

In fact, when blood vessels are damaged and blood flow is too slow, it will also affect the brain’s control of the facial and language nerves, and eventually cause the patient to suffer from a decline in language expression, as well as slurred speech or even drooling and biting the tongue.

4. Frequent yawning

The operation of the brain requires the supply of nutrients, and once the blood vessels are blocked by junk toxins, blood and oxygen cannot reach the brain in time. At this time, in order to maintain normal physiological activities, the brain emits carbon dioxide by yawning, thereby increasing The amount of oxygen in the body.

5. Numbness of limbs

When the cerebral arteries are blocked, problems such as limb dyskinesia and limb sensory disturbance will also occur. Simply put, the patient will feel weakness or pain in one limb.


In summary, we have learned what kind of people are more likely to be entangled by cerebral infarction. In fact, they mainly include obese people, elderly people, diabetic patients, and people who often smoke and drink. If you are among them, you must change the bad. Life habits.

In addition, pay more attention to physical performance, especially when you have numbness, frequent yawning, hard tongue, blurred vision, and inexplicable pain, you must seek medical attention in time.




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