July 23, 2024

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New Zealand abandons the strategy of “completely eliminating COVID-19”

New Zealand announces abandoning the strategy of “completely eliminating COVID-19” and seeking to “coexist with the virus”

New Zealand abandons the strategy of “completely eliminating COVID-19” and seeking to “coexist with the virus”

Reuters reported on the 4th that affected by the spread of the delta strain of the COVID-19 mutant virus, New Zealand announced on the 4th that it would abandon the “complete elimination of the COVID-19” strategy and stated that it has slowly lifted the epidemic blockade restrictions in the country’s largest city, Auckland.

Reuters said this means that New Zealand will seek to “coexist with the virus” while controlling the epidemic.

New Zealand abandons the strategy of "completely eliminating COVID-19" and seeking to "coexist with the virus"

Screenshot of Reuters reportScreenshot of Reuters report

“With the (new round of epidemic) outbreak and the delta strain, it is extremely difficult for (confirmed cases) to return to zero,” New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said at a press conference that day. “Over time Over time, this is a methodological change that we always have to make. The outbreak of the Delta strain has accelerated this process of change. Vaccines will support this change.”

According to Reuters, New Zealand reported 29 new confirmed cases in a single day on the 3rd. According to reports, most of the cases came from Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and the city’s lockdown has now lasted for nearly 50 days.

“Obviously, the prolonged and onerous lockdown has not brought us back to zero cases. But fortunately… the elimination of (coronavirus) was very important in the past because we did not have a vaccine. Now we have it. So we We can start to change the way we do things.” Ardern said.

According to the new regulations, reports say that starting this Wednesday (6th), Auckland residents can leave their homes to communicate with their loved ones outdoors, and the number of gatherings is limited to 10 people. According to New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, the remaining restrictions in Auckland will also be gradually relaxed in stages.

It is worth noting that before New Zealand, many countries have sought to “coexist with the virus.” In June of this year, the Singaporean government announced that it was planning to adopt a strategy of “coexisting with the virus”, trying to use vaccines to control the epidemic and monitor hospitalizations, rather than restricting citizens’ lives. After that it was Britain.

On July 12, local time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that starting from July 19, the country will officially implement the final phase of the unblocking plan in England. Johnson said at the time that the normalization of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic is inevitable, and the public must “learn to coexist with the virus” and must accept more deaths in the future.

New Zealand abandons the strategy of “completely eliminating COVID-19”

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