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Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often.

JAMA: The latest research from Harvard University shows that you often use social media and beware of depression

In modern society, as the pace of life is getting faster and faster, work pressure is increasing, but entertainment time is getting less and less.

These complex social factors cause anxiety, negative emotions to grow like weeds, and the psychology of depression Diseases are also becoming more common in the general population.

Depression (Depression) , with a significant and persistent low mood as the main clinical features are the main types of mood disorders.

Clinically, it can be seen that depression, depression, inferiority, depression, and pessimism are in the world, and some patients even have suicidal attempts or behaviors. more importantly,

The current drugs used to treat depression are very limited and often have serious side effects .

In recent years, the popularity of smart phones has greatly increased the use time of social media. Studies have shown that the use of social media is related to the risk of depression, especially among children and young people .

Recently, Harvard University, Harbin Medical University Buddha cooperation Massachusetts General Hospital, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania research institutions, in JAMA published sub JAMA Network Open journal published a report entitled: Association or the Use the Between Social Media and Self-Reported Symptoms of Depression in US Adults ‘ research paper.

The study found that more than 5,000 adults were screened for depression and found that they reported using Snapchat (a photo-sharing app) , Facebook (the world’s largest social media) or TikTok during the first screening without depression. People who are more likely to have a higher level of depression during follow-up screening.

This study reminds us that there is an association between using social media and worsening depressive symptoms .

Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

The research team used the PHQ-9 Depression Screening Scale to evaluate depression. Among 8045 adults with a score of 5 or less on the first screening (that is, no depression) , 5395 completed the follow-up survey.

Among those who completed the follow-up survey, 482 (8.9%) had an increase in their scores or more during the second screening (showing mild depression) .

In the adjusted regression model, the use of Snapchat , Facebook, and TikTok in the first survey was significantly associated with an increased risk of self-reported depressive symptoms, with risks increased by 53%, 42%, and 39%, respectively.

Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

Further analysis revealed that the association between the use of Snapchat , Facebook and TikTok and depression is related to age .

For TikTok and Snapchat, use in people 35 or older is associated with depressive symptoms, but not in people under 35.

For Facebook, the situation is the opposite, which is related to depressive symptoms in people under the age of 35 and has nothing to do with depressive symptoms in people 35 and older.

Overall, this study suggests that social media use is associated with increased depression symptoms in adults, but it is not yet possible to clarify the nature of this association, and further research is needed to understand how social media use leads to adulthood People with increased symptoms of depression.

About the PHQ-9 Depression Screening Scale

The PHQ-9 scale is a simple and effective self-rating scale for depression. It has good credibility in the diagnosis of depression and evaluation of the severity.

It answers 9 questions based on the situation in the past two weeks, each The questions all have “no”, “a few days”, ” more than half of the time “, and ” almost every day “.

These four options correspond to 0, 1, 2, and 3 points respectively, and all the points are added together.

Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

  • If the total score is 0-4, there is no depression ( pay attention to self-care ) ;
  • The total score is 5-9, and there may be mild depression (it is recommended to consult a psychologist or psychologist) ;
  • The total score is 10-14, and there may be moderate depression (it is best to consult a psychologist or psychologist ) ;
  • The total score is 15-19 points, there may be moderate to severe depression (it is recommended to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist) ;
  • With a total score of 20-27, there may be severe depression (you must see a psychologist or psychiatrist) ;

What is your score?

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Harvard Study: Beware of depression if using Social Media often

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