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The screenwriter of “Dawson’s Creek” died from “Long-haul COVID” tortures

The screenwriter of “Dawson’s Creek” died from “Long-haul COVID” tortures


The screenwriter of “Dawson’s Creek” died from “Long-haul COVID” tortures. 


In the months before screenwriter Heidi Ferrer took her own life, she suffered debilitating long-haul COVID symptoms. @KCLUCarolineF
spoke with her husband Nick, who offered this message: “Just hang on.”https://t.co/iBE50dzXch

— KCLU Radio (@KCLUlive) January 22, 2022



The screenwriter of "Dawson's Creek" died from "Long-haul COVID" tortures. 

Screenwriter Ferrier took a photo with her husband Gut and son. Recap of Ferrier’s blog Girl to Mom

Heidi Ferrer, the screenwriter of the well-known American TV series “Dawson’s Creek” , was infected with the epidemic the year before, and after more than a year of more and more serious sequelae of the COVID-19, the so-called “long-haul COVID”  Tortured and committed suicide in May last year, causing concern from all walks of life.

Her producer husband Gut called on the public to face up to the “long-haul COVID” issue through the Internet and the media. In an interview this week, he called on the medical community to invest in research to help those in pain and prevent regrets from happening again.


Nick Güthe said in an interview with US media on the 23rd that his wife developed “long-haul COVID” symptoms in the 13 months after suffering from COVID-19 pneumonia, including “inexplicable, unexplainable” pain in the feet, digestive problems, physical Pain and rapid heartbeat, followed by nervous tremors.

They sought a doctor but found nothing, and it was not until the day before her death that she was finally notified that she was referred to a clinic specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of “long-haul COVID” patients.


Gut also wrote an article in the British “Guardian”, saying that his wife is the “healthiest and most energetic person” he knows, but because of the COVID-19, “the body is too weak to bear to live an extra day”.

He recalled finding his wife dead when he came home last May. “While our 13-year-old son was waiting for an ambulance outside our home, I tried desperately to revive her. I did a great job and when we took her to the hospital, Her heartbeat recovered, but she was declared brain dead. The ER doctor thought she died of depression. When I told him, ‘She’s not depression, she has Covid’, he looked at me in confusion and asked: “What is a COVID-19?”


He said that instead of destroying his wife at once, the COVID-19 slowly devoured the cetacean, one organ after another, in “the most terrifying degeneration” he has ever seen.

Wife was supposed to walk 90 minutes a day, but within six weeks it had deteriorated into feet after she discovered ‘Covid toes’ (red, swollen, chilblain-like lesions on someone’s toes or fingers) and some gastrointestinal problems Severe nerve pain or even neuropathy similar to advanced diabetes.


He wrote that his wife lost the ability to move and eat because of this, and she was exhausted just climbing a flight of stairs, and “brain fog” (inability to concentrate) also prevented her from continuing to read, even going to the toilet later. , sexual matters are extremely painful, “the long-haul COVID seems to steal every aspect of her life worth living”.

n the later stage, she developed unexplained nervous tremors and internal vibrations in the chest, so severe that she could not sleep, just like a prisoner of war being tortured and deprived of sleep, causing “the brain loses the ability to make rational cognitive decisions.”

In the first three weeks of her death, she said her heart would often spin out of control for no apparent reason, fearing she would die of a stroke or heart attack.


Worst of all, she had no hope of a cure before her eyes, and even the medical community had not officially recognized the condition.

When Gut shared the horrific experience of his wife online, his Facebook and Twitter received messages from “coronavirus” patients around the world, who described the same tremors and vibrations, and no one believed them.


Gut also called on the public and the medical community to face up to the issue of the “long-haul COVID”, and “the government should intervene now and immediately fund research and provide mental health support services for patients”, so as to avoid the recurrence of regrets.




The screenwriter of “Dawson’s Creek” died from “Long-haul COVID” tortures

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