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How long does it take to go from gastritis to stomach cancer?

How long does it take to go from gastritis to stomach cancer?


How long does it take to go from gastritis to stomach cancer? Doctor: 3 kinds of stomach problems are found and need early treatment.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people start to turn upside down day and night and eat irregular meals in order to work and socialize.

The accumulation of long time has also led to many diseases of the digestive tract, such as gastric cancer.


In recent years, the incidence of diseases such as gastric cancer has been ranked first in the world, and this disease is getting younger and younger, most of which are caused by common gastritis diseases that have been delayed for a long time.

Therefore, many people will be concerned about how long it will take for gastritis to develop to gastric cancer?

The doctor also reminded everyone that 3 kinds of stomach problems need to be treated early.


How long does it take to go from gastritis to stomach cancer?



Generally speaking, from gastritis to gastric cancer, a certain amount of accumulation is required in the middle, and it usually experiences “chronic superficial gastritis-atrophic gastritis-intestinal metaplastic dysplasia-gastric cancer”, but the development of this process is generally relatively Long, if not treated in time , as short as a few years, as long as decades .

If in this process of development, patients can be treated in time, the incidence of gastric cancer can be greatly reduced.


3 kinds of stomach diseases in daily life need early treatment, otherwise it is easy to develop into stomach cancer


01. Atrophic gastritis

The appearance of atrophic gastritis is usually related to the frequent spicy and irritating food, long-term alcoholism, strong tea, coffee , etc.

If not corrected in time, the condition will be aggravated, and to a large extent, it will gradually develop over time. evolve into gastric cancer.


02 Gastric ulcer

Diseases such as gastric ulcer have a relatively high probability of occurrence in daily life, and the probability of normal canceration is relatively small, but there is also a 5% chance of cancerous transformation, especially when the area of ​​gastric ulcers is getting bigger and bigger , And always long-term unhealed, it is necessary to take timely treatment measures to avoid cancer.


03 gastric polyps

This kind of stomach disease itself is a benign tumor , and it is rarely possible to become cancerous, but if the number of polyps continues to increase in a short period of time, and the volume continues to increase , when it begins to be larger than 2CM , there may be canceration.

At this time, it is necessary to carry out surgical resection in time, so as to avoid long nightmares.


Therefore, in daily life, when the above stomach problems occur, do not think that it is just an ordinary stomach problem. Once it is delayed for a long time, it is easy to cause cancer. It is best to treat it in time to avoid the deterioration of the disease.


All in all, in order to stay away from diseases such as gastric cancer, in addition to the need for timely treatment of early gastric diseases, it is also necessary to learn more about the early symptoms of gastric cancer in daily life, so as to prevent gastric cancer from being recognized as a common gastric disease.




So, what happens to the body when stomach cancer comes?


1. Black stools

When gastric cancer occurs, the tumor keeps growing, and the blood vessels in the stomach wall are easily damaged, resulting in bleeding .

This blood usually enters the intestine and is excreted together with the feces, resulting in black feces . The amount of bleeding continued to increase, and the phenomenon of blood in the stool also appeared.


2. Weight loss

If you do not diet and lose weight, the phenomenon of weight loss may also have a great relationship with gastric cancer.

Because of the appearance of gastric cancer, the digestive tract system is disordered, the absorption capacity is reduced, and the tumor continuously absorbs the nutrients in the body, resulting in weight loss. The phenomenon.


3. Nausea and vomiting

Usually when gastric cancer occurs, the tumor continues to erode the gastric mucosa . Patients often experience nausea and vomiting , often cannot eat , and often have acid reflux in the stomach , often giving off the sour smell of some rotten eggs , which may also be early symptoms of gastric cancer. .


Therefore, for gastric cancer, everyone should not only treat early gastric diseases in time, but also have a sufficient understanding of the early symptoms of gastric cancer, which is also very helpful for the prevention of gastric cancer.





How long does it take to go from gastritis to stomach cancer?

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