March 3, 2024

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Russia has discovered a new COVID-19 “Deltacron” hybrid variant

Russia has discovered a new COVID-19 “Deltacron” hybrid variant

Russia has discovered a new COVID-19 “Deltacron” hybrid variant. Very rare! Russia has discovered a new “Deltacron” hybrid variant strain, the danger is to be determined.

According to Russian media reports on the 11th, researchers have discovered a new variant of the new coronavirus in Russia, which is a hybrid strain of “Omicron” and “Delta”.

In March, the World Health Organization said the recombinant strain, known as Deltacron, had appeared in places including France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

But since then, because “Omicron” has completely occupied the “dominant position” of the global epidemic of the new coronavirus, the “Delta” strain has almost disappeared.

It is “very rare” that this kind of “dual poison in one” new coronavirus can still appear today.

Russia has discovered a new COVID-19 "Deltacron" hybrid variant

Geneticist Dmitry Pruss said the Russian version of Deltacron was discovered during a recent download of St. Petersburg’s genome data. In addition to Russia, this “mixed-blood” figure has not yet appeared in any other country and region.

The new hybrid strain reportedly first appeared in genetic databases in early July, “raising some suspicions.” But by the end of July, researchers from Russia’s Morodikintsev Influenza Institute had found more of the same genome.

“We double-checked everything possible and came to a definitive conclusion: This is not a bug, but a real hybrid virus,” Pruss said.

However, the danger of the Russian version of “Delta Kron” has yet to be determined. “It is not yet clear whether it can replace other strains or whether it will cause severe COVID-19 pneumonia.”

In this regard, Alexei Agronovsky, a professor of virology and a doctor of biological sciences at Moscow State University, pointed out that this hybrid strain “is very likely to appear” in places with a high proportion of infected people. .

“The change in the virus is due to two mechanisms: the introduction of mutations and the recombination of RNA genome segments. The more the act of replicating, that is, the more people in the population are infected, the higher the chance that the new mutant strain will gain an advantage and a foothold, ‘ he explained. However, it is too early to talk about the properties of this new “chimera” or “Deltacron” because the sample is “very limited”.

Since July 1 this year, the Russian government has lifted all restrictions on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country, including wearing masks and banning public dining at night. But since August, Russia has set off a new wave of COVID-19 pneumonia infections.

On August 10, local time, there were 23,771 new infections in Russia, a new high since March 26, and the total number of infected cases reached 18,770,657.

Russia has discovered a new COVID-19 “Deltacron” hybrid variant

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