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Will Low temperature bring longer life?

Will Low temperature bring longer life?


Will Low temperature bring longer life? Nature sub-journal paper reveals the underlying molecular mechanism.


Previous studies on nematodes, fruit flies and mice have shown that appropriately lowering body temperature can prolong their lifespan.

 The association between moderate hypothermia and increased lifespan has also been reported in humans. However, the specific mechanism by which a slight drop in body temperature produces a life-extending effect has not been well understood.


On April 3, 2023, researchers from the University of Cologne in Germany published a research paper entitled: Cold temperature extends longevity and prevents disease-related protein aggregation through PA28γ-induced proteasomes in Nature Aging,  a sub-journal of Nature .


The study reports a potential mechanism that may explain how low temperature extends lifespan and reduces age-related protein dysfunction in C. elegans.


Will Low temperature bring longer life?


In this study, David Vilchez et al. investigated whether low temperature affects the activity of the proteasome , a class of protein complexes . 

The proteasome’s protein-degrading function eliminates the accumulation of damaged or misfolded cellular proteins that is associated with certain diseases.


The research team found that in Caenorhabditis elegans, low temperature (15°C) can promote protease activity mediated by the activator PSME -3 , and the expression of PSME-3 can prolong lifespan.

 In the absence of PSME-3, the benefit of low temperature on protein degradation is inhibited, which leads to damaged or misfolded disease-associated proteins in models of age-related diseases such as Huntington’s disease and ALS in C. elegans Gather more.


Will Low temperature bring longer life? Will Low temperature bring longer life?



The study also showed that exposing cultured human cells to moderately low body temperature (36°C) activated the human version of PSME-3 and, hopefully, reduced disease-associated protein changes in Huntington’s disease and ALS.

Will Low temperature bring longer life?



The research team concludes that this finding reveals a beneficial effect of low temperature that crosses evolutionary boundaries and has potential implications for the prevention of a variety of diseases. But further research is needed to understand the role of PSME-3 and its potential therapeutic effects.






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Will Low temperature bring longer life?

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