June 22, 2024

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New Therapy Could Reverse Aging Within a Week?

New Therapy Could Reverse Aging Within a Week?


New Therapy Could Reverse Aging Within a Week?

According to a recent report by Fortune magazine’s website, Harvard University has discovered a combination of drugs that could reverse aging in just one week.

The report states that researchers at Harvard University have identified a chemical cocktail that can rejuvenate old cells in muscles, tissues, and some organs, leading to age reversal in mice within a week.


New Therapy Could Reverse Aging Within a Week?


David Sinclair, an expert in aging and longevity, is a researcher in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging. He announced this discovery on Twitter.


This research breakthrough was published in the journal “Aging” this month. The study’s findings emphasize that aging is a reversible process.

With people spending significant amounts each year at longevity clinics in search of the fountain of youth, this research adds to the growing interest in the field of aging medicine.


Sinclair tweeted, “We’ve shown before that turning on embryonic genes using gene therapy can reverse aging. Now we’ve shown that it’s possible with a chemical cocktail. One step closer to affordable, systemic youthful reprogramming.”


According to the research report, over a span of three years, Sinclair and his team at Harvard administered six different chemical cocktails to experimental mice.

These cocktails could rejuvenate aging cells or deteriorating old cells, achieving the reversal of key aging characteristics without “wiping out cell identity.”


Sinclair tweeted, “Encouraging results were seen in the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidneys, and muscles. Mice’s vision improved, their lifespan extended, and more recently—just this April—it was found that monkeys’ vision also improved.”


In a press release, Sinclair mentioned, “This new discovery brings the potential of reversing aging with a pill, including benefits such as improved vision and effective treatment for various age-related diseases.”


So, what’s in this chemical cocktail? Even Elon Musk asked on Twitter, “Ok, so what is it exactly?”


The cocktail consists of various molecules, including the anti-epileptic drug primidone used for migraine and mood disorders, an anti-aging compound found in cancer treatments, and more.


According to Sinclair, we might be getting close to restoring youth with a mixture that can reverse aging, but longevity experts have their concerns.

Luigi Fontana, Director of the Healthy Longevity Research and Clinical Program at the University of Sydney, told Fortune magazine that interpreting these research findings’ impact on humans is premature at this stage.


He stated, “These are preclinical data, and these data have to be validated in well-designed, adequately powered, randomized clinical trials in humans.

Rigorous scientific and evidence-based research is necessary before conclusions can be drawn about the impact of these molecules on human health.”


Neil Paulvin, a doctor in regenerative and functional medicine based in New York, mentioned that this study doesn’t prove that a pill can extend life. In the field of aging, he’s most concerned about addressing inflammation and mitochondrial issues, which are essential for extending healthy lifespans.


Paulvin told Fortune, “Some of the components of this chemical cocktail might have potential effects on aging over the next 15, 20, or 50 years,” but people shouldn’t assume that “there’s something tomorrow that’s going to add 10 years to their lives.”


Furthermore, all components of the chemical cocktail must undergo rigorous human trials to ensure they don’t pose larger risks, such as cancer.


According to Sinclair’s tweets, he mentioned that the research team is preparing for human cell testing using gene therapy, with human trials expected within the next 10 years.


The report noted that Sinclair tweeted, “There’s a race among many teams to show that chemicals can rejuvenate cells just like gene therapy. Our vision of the future is one where age-related diseases can be effectively treated, damage can be more efficiently repaired, and the dream of systemic rejuvenation becomes a reality.”





New Therapy Could Reverse Aging Within a Week?

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