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A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of culprits of tumors

A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors, and it is more addictive than smoking!


A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors, and it is more addictive than smoking!

WHO has investigated the cause of death in the population of 23 countries and concluded that:


Authoritative American experts publicly proposed in the journal Nature that sugar, like tobacco and alcohol, is a potentially harmful and addictive substance, and excessive intake is like chronic suicide.

Recently, the world’s top medical journal “Circulation” released a major research result. A 34-year follow-up study of 118,000 Americans showed that the more sugar-sweetened beverages are consumed, the greater the risk of early death. Among them, the probability of women is as high as 63%, and the probability of men is as high as 29%.


Another study recently published in the US “Science” Weekly found that fructose-rich corn syrup directly promotes the growth of tumors, and corn syrup is one of the main ingredients in sugary drinks such as cola.


A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors


This means that if the intestine becomes cancerous unknowingly, and people drink cola and other sugary drinks, it is equivalent to

  • By “feeding” cancer cells indirectly, cancer cells will grow faster!
  • This shows that the harm of sugary drinks is far beyond your imagination!



A period of truth that has been concealed for 50 years has cost people a terrible price


In fact, the hazards of sugar have only been unearthed in recent years. Why didn’t we know before?


This matter has to start around the 1980s. At that time, heart disease gradually became the disease with the highest mortality rate in the United States, but the cause of the disease has not been identified for a long time. Some people say it’s sugar, while others say it’s fat.


Just when everyone was undecided, the Sugar Research Foundation and Sugar Enterprises took the initiative!


On the one hand, they bought scientists and experts to publish research papers beneficial to sugar and control public opinion. Whitewash the sugar, pass on the “criminal evidence”, and throw the pot to fat.


A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors


The most famous is the purchase of Dr. Hegsted, a professor of nutrition at Harvard, for $50,000.


On the other side, they besieged the scientists who disagree and killed these theories that attacked sugar in the cradle. For example, Cambridge scientist John Yudkin proposed that sugar is the health killer. As a result, his books were described as junk science, his reputation was destroyed, and his career was destroyed.


For a time, everyone was afraid to avoid fat. The U.S. Department of Public Health also issued a statement encouraging Americans to eat less fat.


Therefore, we often see low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, and various zero-fat drinks in stores, and the lower the fat content, the higher the price. However, various processed foods with added sugar have been labeled as “healthy” and “all natural”.


Until today, when you walk into a large supermarket, you will find that almost 80% of food contains sugar. These products that comply with the American dietary guidelines have made food business profitable.


A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors



However, do humans really gain health?


No, since 1980, the obesity rate of all countries in the world has been increasing almost without exception.


A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors

If it is just overweight and obesity, it is not a terrible thing. The terrible thing is that it causes great harm to our internal organs and organs!



The Australian director’s own experiment: what effect does sugar have on the body?


On September 12, 2016, a report in The New York Times shocked the world!


The report disclosed for the first time that the Sugar Research Foundation spent money to invite experts to spread rumors, buy papers for falsification, and whitewash sugar.


In December last year, a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner and a pediatrician, Dr. David Caessler, confessed to the public in a live broadcast of The Washington Post: Over the past few decades, we have given the public Nutritional advice is a failure!


Countless people began to realize that the real enemy is sugar!


In order to understand the effect of sugar on the body, Damon Gameau, an Australian director, decided to experiment with himself as a white mouse.


For 60 consecutive days, eat 40 spoons (about 160g) of sugar a day. This amount is based on the average level of sugar intake by Australian residents.


And these 40 spoons of sugar all come from recognized healthy foods such as jam, fruit juice, breakfast milk, and low-fat yogurt, rather than high-sugar foods such as chocolate, ice cream, and cola.


Moreover, he still maintained the amount of exercise he had before, running three laps around the garden twice a week, and doing ten minutes of fitness in his indoor gym every day.


He made this process into a documentary, and the results of the experiment were extremely shocking.


The most obvious is the change in body shape. After 60 days, the weight has soared by 17 catties, and the waistline has soared by 10cm. All these on the belly are harmful fats.

Due to a large amount of sugar, which disrupted his metabolism, he soon developed acne on his face.


The invisible is the most terrible.


In just one month, a hormone called ALT jumped from a health value below 20 to over the health line. ALT is the most commonly used sensitive index of the liver, and its level is directly proportional to the degree of liver damage.


The expert team gave him a physical examination and said that Damon not only has fatty liver, but also may lead to insulin resistance, which is very susceptible to diabetes and may induce heart disease. Once you embark on the path of insulin resistance, you will eventually become a type 2 diabetes patient. Some people were even amputated as a result.


In this experiment, Damon’s daily calorie recording is the same as before, 2300 calories. So the culprit is not calories, but sugar!


After reading it, many people will probably say: This is an extreme situation. Who would eat so much sugar every day when nothing happened? In our daily life, is it really not too much sugar?


The actual situation is that, whether you love sugar or not, the food around us is over-added all the time and everywhere.


The standard given by the WHO is that people should control their daily sugar intake below 10% or even 5% of their total intake.


For an adult with a normal body mass index (BMI), this is equivalent to an intake of about 25g (or 6 teaspoons) of sugar per day!


But in a small bottle of flavor sauce, there are 28g of sugar. A bottle of ketchup also has 7 teaspoons of sugar. Canned tuna that tastes salty and hardly sweet. It also contains a teaspoon of sugar.



Sugary drinks, “corrupt” your body!

Carbonated drinks like cola are extremely lethal to the body.


Many people at home and abroad have done similar experiments. There is an American uncle who drinks 10 cans of Coke every day for a month. Body weight, body fat percentage, and blood pressure all went up and couldn’t stop. . . .


Before experiment V.S after experiment


The power of Coke is much more than that.


There is a 25-year-old man in Australia who loves to drink coke. Now his mouth is full of teeth and he can only eat with his dentures.


What’s more frightening is that many sugary drinks are also dressed in healthy clothes, which makes people relax their vigilance!



Juice, a “healthy drink” with a mask

When it comes to sugary drinks, many people think of Coke.


In fact, in addition to cola, there are many other high-sugar drinks, such as fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy vitamin drinks, iced tea, yogurt, coffee and so on.

Many people have questions. Isn’t fruit juice rich in vitamin C? How can it hurt like these drinks?


This is because fruit juices and beverages contain fructose, which is a simple sugar.


Its strength lies in its sweetness. If the sweetness of sucrose is 100 points, then glucose is 74 points, lactose is 16 points, and fructose is 173 points!


It will directly produce uric acid during the decomposition process in the body. What’s more frightening is that it will also reduce the excretion of uric acid in the kidneys. Under the dual effect, human uric acid does not fall but rises.


Researchers in Boston, USA, surveyed 80,000 women in 22 years, and they came to the following conclusions:


Women who drink 1 glass of orange juice a day have a 41% increase in their risk of gout;

Women who drank two glasses of orange juice a day had a 2.4-fold increase in the risk of gout.


Therefore, this fructose is an invisible killer of gout. In fact, its harm is far more than that. Fructose not only interferes with the level of uric acid, but also interferes with the metabolism of insulin!


If you consume too much fructose, your body’s insulin sensitivity will decrease, and insulin resistance will occur, which will cause diabetes in the long run. So the term sugar-coated cannonball will never go out of style!


(A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors

Yogurt to lose weight? The more sugar you eat

Let’s talk about this yogurt. Many people think that it is a healthy food. Many girls also use yogurt to lose weight to achieve the effect of weight loss.


But the truth is that yogurt contains scary sugar! Drinking and drinking will help you grow a lot of meat secretly! ! !


Some foreign media refer to yogurt as Sugar-Packed Snack, which means a snack with an explosion of sugar.


The lactose in the raw material of yogurt milk is very low in sweetness, and part of it is turned into lactic acid during fermentation. If the yogurt is directly fermented and drunk, it will be particularly sour.


Therefore, a large amount of sucrose is added to the yogurt during processing. As long as you taste good yogurt, the sugar content will not be low…


Many yogurts on the market have added 12~15g of sugar, some with jam can even exceed 20g.


You know that a piece of cream cake is only 19g of sugar. Some big brands also offer fruit-flavored or sweet yogurt. The fruit or syrup mixture added to the yogurt makes the sugar content rise.


So many facts show that if you want to drink yogurt to lose weight, I dare not say whether it is effective, but you are going further and further on the road of sugar intake.



The truth about lactic acid bacteria drinks


The most attractive thing about lactic acid bacteria drinks is its “lactic acid bacteria” content, but studies have shown that human gastric juice and bile are extremely lethal to bacterial species, and very little of these bacteria can reach the intestinal tract alive.


In addition, the temperature requirements of each link of factory-transport-storage-sales are very high, and it must be refrigerated at 0℃-7℃. Even if the strict cold chain can be achieved, the bacterial population is constantly declining.


The most important thing is that the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria is the process of acid production. As the number of bacteria increases, the acidity will become stronger and stronger. At this time, a lot of sugar and milk powder are needed.


Many lactic acid bacteria drinks are marked with “low sugar” and “0 fat”, which makes people unconsciously relax their vigilance.


(A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors)

Countries around the world have taken actions one after another, Tax on sugary drinks!

Now, more and more countries, health organizations, and schools are aware of the health hazards of sugar and are starting to take action.


In 2016, WHO called on countries to impose additional taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages.


France was the first country to act.


Beginning in 2012, France began a comprehensive levy on sugary carbonated beverages and began to reduce the sales of such sugary beverages!


Today in 28 countries around the world,  All 33 states in the United States have imposed a “sugar tax”



Many countries action to reduce sugar will be carried out. Primary and secondary schools and childcare institutions will restrict the sale of high-sugar beverages and snacks, and canteens reduce the supply of sugar-sweetened beverages and high-sugar foods.


The sale of these sugary drinks that poisoned children has finally been restricted!


In the past, many people always thought that their obesity was caused by eating too many calories or exercising too little. Today, everyone seems to have another understanding. We once paid attention to low fat, but ignored the dangers of high sugar.


Eating sweets will make you happier and addictive. Once addicted, it will plunge you into endless short-term stimulation, allowing you to continue to eat sweets to satisfy your desires.


And your body has suffered all kinds of injuries from the inside out, from top to bottom, invisibly.


Hope everyone will pay attention to the harm of high sugar, for myself and my family, Eat less sugar, Especially stay away from sugary drinks!



A scam that has been concealed for 50 years: Sugar is one of the culprits of tumors

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