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Maradona death: Medical team members will be tried for alleged murder

Maradona death: Medical team members will be tried for alleged murder


Maradona death: Medical team members will be tried for alleged murder, Maradona’s death could have been avoided?

On June 22,  an Argentine court ruled that members of the personal medical team of the late football superstar Diego Maradona will be tried for suspected murder because they did not Ability to take “actions that could have prevented death”.


A total of eight defendants, including his personal doctor, neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luke and psychiatrist Agustina Kosachev and so on.


They were charged with “simple homicide”. According to the relevant judicial website of the Argentine government, the country has manslaughter, simple homicide, etc. Simple homicide is charged when a suspect kills with intent, but there are no other aggravating circumstances.

The penalties are more severe than manslaughter, which typically carries a sentence of eight to 25 years in prison for simple homicide.


The exact date of the trial has not been disclosed.


Maradona death: Medical team members will be tried for alleged murder

Diego Maradona’s graffiti is seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 24, 2011. Photo/Meunierd/dreamstime/IC photo



Medical team behavior ‘inappropriate, flawed and reckless’

On November 25, 2020, Maradona died suddenly at his residence at the age of 60.

According to the autopsy results released by the Argentine police and prosecutors, Maradona died of heart failure, a natural death.


Argentine prosecutors launched an investigation in the capital Buenos Aires shortly after Maradona’s death, including ordering a search of the property of Maradona’s personal doctor.


In May last year, a medical committee appointed by Argentina’s justice ministry to investigate Maradona’s death concluded that Maradona’s medical team had acted “inappropriately, flawed and reckless”.


Reports at the time stated that Maradona was in severe physical condition and was in a dying state for about 12 hours before he died at about noon local time on November 25, 2020. “He (Maradona) clearly showed signs of prolonged suffering and we conclude that the patient was not properly monitored from 00:30 on 25 November 2020.”


Mario Baudry, a lawyer for Maradona’s son, told Reuters that the legendary star was “in a helpless situation” when he died.


According to the report released by the court, a judge in charge of the case said that the actions of each of the alleged members of Maradona’s medical team, whether motivated or negligent, led to an eventual “harmful outcome.”


For now, the accused denies any responsibility for Maradona’s death. Lawyers for some of them asked the case to be dismissed, the judge said.


In November 2020, at a news conference, one of the defendants, Luke, said emotionally that he had done everything he could to save his friend Maradona, denying medical negligence.


He asked the reporter: “You want to know why I should be responsible? For loving him, for taking care of him, for prolonging his life, for improving (his health) at the end of his (life).”


Vadim Mishanchuk, a lawyer for the other accused psychiatrist, Kosachov, said the psychiatrist’s field of care had nothing to do with Maradona’s death. He added, “People are looking for a perpetrator at all costs, and this matter has lost its objectivity.”



“Or at least give fans an answer”

In November 2020, after the news of Maradona’s death came out, thousands of fans spontaneously came to the Plaza de Mayo near the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, with many holding the Argentine flag. Fans also sang the cheering chant “Ole, ole, ole” that is often used when watching the game.


At that time, Argentina entered a three-day mourning period for Maradona’s death.


The mourning and memory of the star is not limited to Argentina. Leaders of Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and other countries have all expressed their condolences to Maradona’s death.


Messi, who is regarded as Maradona’s successor in the Argentina national team, said, “It’s a sad day for Argentines, for football.

Maradona has left us, but his spirit will live on forever. Go immortal!”



Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a famous Argentine football player and coach.

In June 1986, Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup. In terms of clubs, Maradona led Naples to two Serie A titles in 1987 and 1990. He also won the UEFA Cup and the Coppa Italia.


With his great success, his wild and uninhibited character was also vividly displayed in negative events such as drug use and shooting.


BBC reporter Will Grant commented that even Maradona’s most deranged supporters could not deny that years of drug addiction had taken a toll on Maradona’s body, and previous torturous brain surgery had also made him more vulnerable. .


In Argentina, however, it was felt that perhaps the greatest player in football history had been killed prematurely. “Everyone is still reluctant to say goodbye to him.” And these allegations may at least answer one question – what happened before Maradona, who played the “Hand of God”, died?



Maradona death: Medical team members will be tried for alleged murder

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