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Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !

Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !


Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? ! 

A 15-year study by American universities has shown that alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life.

Men should drink alcohol with friends at least twice a week to ensure physical and mental health!


Drinking alcohol has a long history of more than 5,000 years.

Alcohol consumption is a major cause of death and disability worldwide.

Alcoholism can induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and is even closely related to certain cancers.


Although there are so many problems with drinking, why are so many people drinking? The traditional view is that the benefits of alcohol are the social benefits of hedonic and anti-anxiety effects.



In December 2016, Professor Robin Dunbar, a psychologist at the University of Oxford, UK, published a study titled “Functional Benefits of (Modest) Alcohol Consumption” in the journal “Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology”.


Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !



The research shows that men have to party with friends and drink at least twice a week to ensure physical and mental health!


The research combines data from three independent studies, a structured national survey, a survey of bar customers based on questionnaires, and an observational study of conversational behavior in bars.


In a national survey study, survey data showed that respondents who regularly visit by “locals” are more enthusiastic about socializing, are more satisfied with their lives, and are more likely to trust other members of the community. Those who drink occasionally are more able to participate in social activities than those who do not drink.



The results of the bar behavior study confirmed the results of the national survey, that people who drink in community bars are more integrated into the local community than those who drink in downtown bars.


What’s more, people in community bars have more interactions, while those who drink in downtown bars have much less interaction. Therefore, they rarely have time to get to know their social partners or interact with them. Build relationships.


Research shows that social drinkers have more friends, they can rely on these friends for emotional and other support, and feel more interactive and trusting with the local community.


Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !

Sense of happiness and value after drinking


Although excessive drinking has unavoidable harmful effects, there is considerable evidence that moderate drinking can enhance certain aspects of cognition, including memory, mental arithmetic, and inhibition.


Endorphin is a morphine-like biochemical synthetic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, which can bind to morphine receptors in the brain to produce pain relief and euphoria.


Alcohol triggers the endorphin system. Therefore, drinking in social activities may produce the same effects as other social activities (such as laughter, singing, and dancing), and these activities are a means for us to serve and strengthen social bonds.



Professor Dunbar believes that alcohol can increase endorphins in the human brain, which is good for improving immunity. In this sense, “alcohol may also have indirect benefits to human health.”


In this study, the author did not clearly measure the actual health level of drinkers, but designed a scale for the happiness, trust, and sense of community belonging to drinkers.


The author emphasized that he did not draw any conclusions about the direct relationship between drinking and health.

This study is not to encourage everyone to drink, if you drink too much, it will definitely have a very bad effect on your health.



A 15-year study in American universities shows that alcohol is more effective than exercise to prolong life & “drinking to avoid epidemics”

A 15-year study of 1,700 elderly people aged 90 to 99 conducted by Claudia Kawas, a neurologist at the University of California (UCLA), showed that moderate drinking can help prolong life-even more effective than mild exercise.

People who drink one or two glasses of wine or beer a day reduce the probability of premature death by 18%; in contrast, people who exercise 15 to 45 minutes a day only reduce the probability of premature death by 11%.


Indeed, the antioxidants in red wine can increase the high-density lipoprotein in the blood (its role is to transport cholesterol to the outside of the liver for metabolism), so it can effectively lower blood cholesterol and prevent clogging of blood vessels. Wine also contains antioxidants. Oxidants can fight free radicals in the body and slow down aging.

In addition, wine is definitely a beverage with rich nutritional value. It contains nutrients such as sugars, pectin, alcohols, amino acids, inorganic substances, vitamins, etc.; each liter of wine contains 40 to 220 grams of glucose and fructose. , Gum and mucus are 0.1 to 0.9 grams and rich vitamins are all necessary for the human body and can be directly absorbed by the human body.

Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !

Kawas’s research findings are surprising. She stated that there is no “scientific explanation” for her findings, but she firmly believes that moderate drinking can effectively extend life.

The results of the study have other findings: Some statistics show that the overall health of the elderly can also be determined by human genes.

In addition, Kawas’s research has also produced the idea that a particularly important and effective way to prolong life: spending two hours a day as a person of interest can reduce the probability of premature death by 21%.



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Drinking alcohol is more effective than exercise to extend life? !

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